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New Residential Projects in Bangalore

Your personal guide to new residential projects in Bangalore Who does not want to own their own sweet piece of real estate in the great garden city?!  The city has seen unprecedented growth in the past few decades. Not long ago, it was the haven of public servants, pensioners and retirees,  a quaint little sleepy town that was the pride of South India. But liberalization and globalization has transformed its face (and many claim it is a rather ugly transformation!) into a cosmopolitan behemoth that nobody seems to be able to control. Rapid development has created a giant mess in terms of pollution, snarling traffic jams, corruption, and spiraling real estate prices.     Given the complexity of the Bangalore real estate market, finding your dream home can easily turn into a nightmare.  With builders and developers announcing new residential projects in Bangalore all the time, how does an aspiring homeowner find a project that meets her needs from all angles? Common themes typical buyers look for are affordability, safety, proximity to office/schools, neighborhood, amenities and high end value added features. Some buyers want affordability (a bedroom, living room and a bath!) while other are looking for cutting edge features (360 degrees Wi-Fi!  plug-and-play homes! Fingerprint Sensor Locks! Video Surveillance!). Others want something closer to their offices, schools and public transportation facilities. So how do we juggle these (sometimes conflicting) priorities  to find the right residential project in Bangalore? Look no further! We at have made it our mission to research all new projects that are cropping up all over Bangalore. We will give you the inside scoop in terms of pre-launch offers, launch dates, rates, home loan fundas and much much more. Below is a list of all new and upcoming projects in Bangalore that we will constantly keep updating.  Do visit back to get the most...

Apartment sales in Bangalore south to increase after launch of PRR

Apartment sales in Bangalore south set to increase after PRR. Get the best prices and find the best builders for residential flat sales in Bangalore south

Top Bangalore Builders List

 Bangalore builders and developers list   If you have done it already, please read our article on Builders in Bangalore to get an introduction on the best property developers in the city. What we have tried to do in this article is to provide a comprehensive list of builders and developers to arm you with information required to find your dream home. We have essentially categorized them into tiers based on their reliability, user feedback, past performance, affordability and market presence. This list has been updated to include contact details, user ratings and reviews and current residential projects in Bangalore.   Click in the tabs to know more about each tier (Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3)   Tier 1 Builders Tier 2 Builders Tier 3 Builders Tier 1 builders are the most reliable developers in Bangalore. The have a strong presence in Bangalore and have a historical track record of executing multiple large scale projects in Bangalore. They generally cater to higher end customers (think luxury apartments). The quality of construction has had consistently good review from residents. The projects have essentially all amenities one would expect in a high end complex. You can essentially invest in these properties without any fear and can expect good returns on investment. Click here to access Tier 1 builders in Bangalore. Tier 2 Builders deal with smaller projects in Bangalore, but have a good track record. They have usually execute fewer projects when compared to Tier 1 builders, but nonetheless have a proven track record in completing projects on time and budge. They cater to those homeowners looking to buy affordable housings but do not want to compromise on quality. Click here to access Tier 2 builders in Bangalore. Tier 3 Builders deal either deal with very small projects or do not have a strong presence in Bangalore. One needs to do...